5 Summer Beauty Tips

By Dana Calderon 


 5 Beauty tips that will keep you looking gorgeous all summer long.

1.     Sunscreen is the most important product of the summer. Sunscreen decreases the risks of skin cancer and sun damage. It’s important to keep your skin healthy. Healthy skin is sexy skin.

2.     Use a self-tanner to achieve a fabulous Summer glow. It’s a lot safer than baking under the harsh UV Rays. Be sure to still apply sunscreen daily.

3.     Humidity= Frizzy Hair. Use Bio-silk to protect your hair from the summer heat. Apply a pea size drop of bio-silk before and after blow drying your hair. This is the key for a frizz free summer.

4.     A bright smile is gorgeous all year around. Keep your teeth white by using white strips. Nothing is more beautiful than a pearly white smile.

5.    Drink lots of water. Water benefits your health, body and skin.