Catching Up With Miss South Carolina USA 2015: Sarah Weishuhn

Sarah Weishuhn is Miss South Carolina USA 2015. She is currently gearing up to compete at the Miss USA Pageant taking place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana this year. Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, Sarah has a Bachelor of Arts in Public Health and is currently working towards her goal of becoming a Registered Dietitian.

Sarah is passionate about public service. She has given back through organizations such as Harvest Hope Food Bank of South Carolina, PETS Inc., Wounded Warriors, Tumor Hater, and the American Heart Association. In her free time, Sarah enjoys practicing her photography, cooking new recipes, hunting, bowlfishing, and traveling across the country.

During her reign, Sarah is traveling South Carolina to inspire and empower women of all ages, to share her passion for a healthy lifestyle, and to encourage women to chase their dreams.

 Sarah Weishuhn competing for the Miss South Carolina USA title last November. She is wearing the Kandice Pelletier Denise top and basic bottom.

Sarah Weishuhn competing for the Miss South Carolina USA title last November. She is wearing the Kandice Pelletier Denise top and basic bottom.

We got some fun details on how Sarah's reign has been going. Living a healthy lifestyle and gaining self confidence are just among some of the benefits that she has gained from competing in the Miss USA pageant system and during her reign as Miss South Carolina USA.

KPS: How did you tackle preparation for the swimsuit competition?

SW: While preparing for the swimsuit competition, my first priority was to stay healthy. In order to function properly your body needs certain nutrients to sustain itself. It's important not to deprive your body of these essential vitamins and nutrients. I ate plenty of food. I focused on foods that my body needed such as proteins, vegetables, fruits, and even some carbs for energy. I was in the gym at least three days a week doing workouts to keep my muscles lean.

KPS: What was the most unexpected part about competing?

SW: The most unexpected part of competing is realizing the self confidence I gained. When I first began competing I was reserved and introverted. I have grown into an outgoing and confident woman! Being on stage gives you an inner confidence that radiates through you.

KPS: What have you learned from being Miss South Carolina USA?

SW: I have learned so many things during my reign thus far. The most valuable lesson I have learned is that everyone you meet has a story and can teach you something you never knew. Being Miss SC USA I have had the opportunity to meet men, woman, and children from all walks of life. I am so humbled by the opportunity to meet people from all over the country and not only share my experiences with them, but learn something from each person I meet.

KPS: What advice do you give to people who want to compete?

SW: Go for it and don't give up! If you have a dream, chase it and don't stop until you achieve it. The first year I competed I didn't even place in the top 15.

I knew I wanted to be on the Miss USA stage more than anything. I competed again the following year and placed first runner up. I was happy with my improvement, but I still wanted to win the crown.

After three years of competing, I gave it one more shot. I can finally say I am Miss South Carolina USA 2015. You are capable of anything you set your heart on!

KPS: What do you ultimately hope to achieve from your experience as Miss SC USA and possibly Miss USA?

SW: First and foremost, I hope to become Miss USA! I also hope to make an impact on those I meet as well as the state of South Carolina. If I am able to reach at least one person and make a difference in their life, my heart will be full.