How to Pick the Right Swimsuit

Making The Assessment...

Whether you want to look fabulous at the beach or you’re competing in a pageant, you want to make sure your suit enhances your good points and minimizes the features you want to play down. Before you choose a suit, you’ll want to determine your body type, i.e. pear, hourglass, inverted triangle, etc.

You’ll also have to look at specific areas of your body. Certain lines and colors should be worn on smaller busted women while other colors and styles are more suitable for fuller figures. The lines and hues of a suit can also impact the way it will look on you if you have heavy legs, shorter legs, wide hips, or a short or longer torso.

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The Pear Shape

If you have more of a pear-shaped body, then you need to balance a larger bottom with a smaller bust line. That means reducing the look of the hips and placing more emphasis on the top. Therefore, you’ll want to find a style that will provide a bit of leverage when you’re making a swimsuit selection. If you’re wearing a one-piece suit, try to define the waist or choose a suit that features a wrapped bodice, all which gives you a curvier appearance. Add a little padding in the top part of the suit to equalize the overall effect.

An Hourglass Shape

Naturally, if you exhibit an hourglass shape, you can have your choice of swimsuit styles. However, you don’t want to make the mistake of taking away from the look with a suit that, color-wise, creates a mismatched effect. Also, make sure that the suit fits well and that the top has the extra needed support. Select a moderate V-neck rather than a plunging neckline. 

The Long and the Short of It

If your legs are on the heavy side, try to avoid swimsuits that are dark, which can define the figure flaw. Keep the judge’s attention on the upper part of the body by choosing swimwear with added detailing or accents. Tan the legs to give them a more streamlined appearance. If you have shorter legs, then wear shoes with your suit that are nude or skin-toned, all which will make your legs appear longer. Choose suits with high V-cut fronts at the bottom to lengthen the legs as well.

Suit Styles for Wide Hips

If your hips are wide, then avoid wearing a suit that is decidedly bright. Balance out your body by choosing a top that includes padding at the sides. Try to choose suits with vertical lines that heighten and slenderize.

Shoulder Width: What to Choose in a Suit

You also have to think about the width of your shoulders. If you have narrow shoulders, strive to find suits that display widely-spaced straps that are thin and avoid halter-type fashions. On the other hand, if your shoulders are wide, make use of the halter styles.

Some Final Tips

Diagonal lines soften the figure and add some desired curves, while horizontal lines shorten and widen the physique. Vertical lines, as mentioned, serve to lengthen and slenderize. Remember, any bold or bright color will make a certain area appear larger, while more muted hues tend to slim one’s physique. Also, dark colors will define the shape they are covering. So, if you have wide hips, you don’t want to wear a dark bottom. Darker colors only make you appear thin if they cover you entirely. 

Have some additional questions on how to pick the right swimsuit? If so, drop us a comment below! We would be delighted to answer it for ya. Happy swimsuit shopping : )